GOOZY #1! Slime Monster Prop Hunt (FGTeeV's New Mobile Game)

Am 30 Okt 2020 veröffentlicht
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I have been waiting for this day for so long!!!! Thank you all for the support and I can't wait to see everyone's reaction and response to our AMAZING NEW GAME, GOOZY! Find the Slime Family & Avoid the Monster while you find clues around the house. Let's Get Goozy!! Thumbs up if you can't wait for Part 2! Join the Discord ➡
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.


  • GOOZY is Out Now! When you play, let us know who you capture first! Duddz, Chase , Shawn , Oreo , Moomy , Mike or Lex .Happy Halloween Eve ers! DOWNLOAD HERE:

  • I downloaded it AND ITS SOO COOL AND FUNNY ✌✌✌

  • 6

  • Are you guys ever gonna add ollie

  • Yes


  • Goozy o ilke goozy i play this

  • I have goozy and ape chase

  • I love this game fgteev goozy it's so good I love it

  • Goose's real fun game I know it

  • 👾👾👾👾👾👾

  • I played the game before and I got all of them I got 900

  • i am a big fan oh and i got 896

  • ,:,€:(

  • Fgteev what are all the codes in goozy

  • Yes

  • I have 2844


  • I download a Goozy and it is so fun to play but Guzy looks cute

  • 900

  • Duddz I dounloeded FGTeeV soundboard and FGTeeV Goozy

  • UyoeeeeeeYx🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚽🧻 GM to 690 No yo You Rtc

  • my score was 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • When Goozy vented he was sus

  • It’s like portal 1&2 cuz of the GUN

  • Yo I'm installinnng!!!

  • Gucci is so amazing

  • I have guilty to

  • I love you guys I am your biggest fan!!!!

  • Hi

  • My score is: 8023

  • Hi I got 1000

  • Hi fgteev

  • Hi agreed

  • d o y o u m e a n t h e a p p a m o n g u s (do you mean the app among us)

    • oh because goozy vents and hes an alien like the imposter

  • It is 2021

  • I have goozy and AJ's

  • 1000 socre

  • Yes so fun

  • Are you already downloaded you don’t want to tell me

  • Are you already downloaded you don’t want to tell me

  • How do you get the cupcakes on Uzi

  • Fgteev I won the game Gozze🎮 but I can't send you the photo

  • I got mike and lex

  • Hi Fgteev I play that game and it's so good but I scared

  • I was super close to winning I only needed 2 more

  • How do you TV daddy I got all slimes

  • My name is Amanda H

  • Duddy I now how to win get into the basement and open the door and the alien will take you out in the basement

  • I have goozy game 🉑🈸🈹🈯🉑🈸🈸🈸

  • I have Gousy on my last iPad but now I don’t have it

  • i love goozy too

  • 100000

  • I got3

  • Wow wow wow wowwwww your rap it’s amazingSecret

  • ...

  • @FGTeeV can you make your games pc vers? i use pc always so can you make pc version?

  • Lol

  • F6281

  • 4

  • 99999

  • 👌

  • 10000

  • 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄💋💋💋

  • E coli uti and

  • 1 lex 2 oroa 3 vinse 4 chas 5 shawn 6 moomy 7

    • 1 let 2 oroa 3 vinse 4 chas 5 shawn 6 moomy 7 mike

  • I love goozy so much

  • My score is 3764

  • Duddz getting duddz

  • Fgteev make new videos

  • And I find all dollys

  • I finish game

  • Fgteev I have a glitch that will give you 500000 coins in goozy

  • My score on goozy was 1449!!!!

    • Wow thats great but think has like 2900 something

  • ok Izzy a

  • Were gozy app🤔

  • I found more gitches

  • Lex

  • I complete the game

  • Why can't you catch fgteev goozy is it because you have to catch all the family members and then you can go get FGTV guzy let's find out

  • I played fgteev goozy still why are you still asking everyone I already downloaded the game

  • Dude I already downloaded the game I already played FGTV I watched your video first and you're like

  • I wish I had the fgteev emojis ._.

  • Fgteev duddy I really hope you're in this game cuz I'm was just in FGTV Goofy and all I have is two chances left to chances I hope I win a few TV Daddy give me a big big luck chance cuz I really need luck

  • Fgteev duddy he just captured me you have to come the game right now

  • Fgteev duddy I did not get caught I'm still playing and guess what I just got out of the room and when I watch your video I just use the thing and I and I just saw a thing touch my back and guess what I think the guzy was right like in the event behind me like right by the door this may give you a little advice so please pay attention so so listen fgteev Daddy I need you so much I need you so much fgteev Daddy just listen to me and you win okay so I'm out of the room and I am out and I just saw a little wiggle yarn that was that I think it was FGTV so I just went to the to the to the vent and nothing came out so wish me good luck

  • I need your hepl fgteev duddy I'm about to play fgteev goozy so I need your help and that's why I'm watching this video cuz I'm going to play it when I'm done but did you know you can minimize the videos and bring them into your game right in the corner that's what I'm going to do so I can play and watch

  • IHappyFGTEEVDAD Chase Shawn Oreo Moomy Mike Lex R





  • i watch u when i was 6 now im 10 AND I LOVE TEEN TITANS GO I HATE FGTEEVERS

  • I got 1000

  • Can I having your credit card number please🥺

  • Dxxecrbz gtgncf brsm by John cab s fog 🚨🚨🚡🚐🚛🚨🚒🚋🚀🚈

  • 😨

  • 1234

  • i got the score 1123 and all family members

  • 13536093