PIGGY for LUNCH! FGTeeV Fam SEWERS Escape! (ROBLOX Book 2 Ch 5 Gameplay/Skit)

Am 27 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Already did yours

  • My name is Alina 061620

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  • u are so funny u need more subs

  • 8:10 that owa owa

  • I wanna know when fgteev make a video why shawn is always hurting her daddy

  • Hahahahahahahhahaha sshawn is a banana her roblox skin shawn is banana hahaha

  • I hate the new justin bieber! He says a lot of bad words

  • You're really famous your in a ad 😊

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  • I love that you posting

  • uhhh.... lex... don't do that that is so scary to dance with scissors


  • Hi

  • Fgteev? What happened to the cringe curtain

  • I done it I'm your biggest fan

  • How old is Mike and chase? And lexi and Shawn?????? Chase might be around- my age or I'm older I might be older problems- sidetracked forgive meh

  • The pain in head is bad the voices in my head keep telling ...

  • Ya Lexi is favorite............sorry

  • I bet that book 2 I’m not liar

  • Hey I bet that book 2 I’m not lea

  • I am terrified of spiders

  • ur finally posting ur not uploding and i was seeing ur old vids

  • Chater 7

  • He kisses Zuzzy Duddy:I love u Zuzzy Moommy: 😤😫😧

  • I miss Fgteev duddy But feegee

  • Guys im really sad because i really really want to buy your merch but.. ..im from Malaysia and i cant buy any of your merch.😢😭😭 And Im using my brothers account

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  • I'm a big fan

  • ◇Chocky milk◇ make pain go away👌👌👌👌👌

  • Fgteev can you play Roblox operation scorpion it’s like phantom forces

  • FG TV mommy stop Cappin

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  • That's zuzu and zaza

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  • (lex) AAAAAA lol

  • I like how the thumbnail of this video has nothing to do with the actual gameplay lol

  • @FGTeeV fun fact I'm 2 days older than FGTeeV Chase

  • Your finally being happy u get subbed

  • It did not work🤬

  • Dudd’s I tried to ad you as a friend on roblox

  • 8:43 fgteev said curse word

  • I like the name time bucks and thank you guys 🙂 because you are sceariming in other videos so good luck ok ;) and be an good boy for the rest of the day 🤣🤣 ok FGTeeV DUDS ok _ _321 yes and byeeee 💗❤️💕😊😘💋

  • hi fgteev can u play book2 sometimes I like book2

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  • This isn't Among us You don't have to say it is SuS

  • Alfi is a crocodile name you see in the piggy shop

  • Love your vids

  • Gais god is allh no name mour

  • I think? ;-;

  • I don’t know for sure but I was told that Alfis is actually a little faster than players and you have to hide and escape

  • pop

  • Play fortnite

  • Alfis

  • Alfie

  • Watch out Mi”key” 😂🤣

  • I don’t know why but when you guys say “blue key” it sounds like duke y like when FEeeeGEeeee said in city mommy I did a duke y mommy will you change me.😅😂🤣

  • What did I just watch? 😂

  • Hi fgteev I’m a big fan and I have cancer in a hospital 🏥 I love your vids

  • Cringe moment that you didnt know: 1:02 " I Am Vegan"

  • Oh you go get a baby??

  • fgteev can you play friday night funkin

  • He's playing gta5

  • I already did it and I finished chapter 2 and chapter 1 it is finished book 2 and book one and you owe me whatever that was

  • Do a video about chapter 7


  • It sux

  • the bot of chrapter 5 is not like the other bots insted you hide

  • Who misses them playing bendy ?

  • i love lex

  • I been watching seen 2016

  • Everyone use to watch there channel years ago but came back because of how much you use to like them?

  • i am sawing to play piggy book2 chapter 7

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  • After three or four years, I finally come back to re-live my childhood one more time, this made my day😌

  • this fam is Top Of Gaming Family

  • only tha T.O.G.F

  • Iv wacht frome when he had lexi

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  • I got the Green FGTEEV box

  • Piggy book 2 chapter 6 and 7 is out play it

  • Add you guys on the blocks so I can play with you guys so on the block because I’m a big fan of you guys and yeah I want to like see Mike Sean fun And Dad and

  • I am so happy 😃 is that you have been doing this for

  • Hi

  • Fgteev play forward motor sports 7 hold with for vronnel

  • 7:26

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